Payroll & Unemployment Software That Puts You In Control

LTtax™ is an intranet, browser-based (self-hosted) database residing on your premises and protected by your SECURITY standards. The system keeps you in COMPLIANCE by enabling you to track and pay all federal, state and local payroll withholdng and unemployment taxes when they are due. You are in control of your data. Our SUPPORT is unmatched in the industry. Response by a knowledgeable technician is immediate. There are no service levels to mount.

LTtax is designed to receive data from any source payroll system. Unscheduled payrolls and adjustments, multiple payrolls per day and data from multiple source systems are easily handled. The system contains a large variety of reports from which you may pick and choose. Payments can be made via NACHA, check and feeds to your accounts payable, general ledger or other financial systems. Signature-ready IRS-approved Federal Schedules 941, 941X, 940, 945, 945X and 1042, state and local generic withholding recaps as well as electronic quarterly recaps for many states are available. SUTA electronic filing by person is available.

Flexibility That Lets You Handle The Rules and The Exceptions to The Rules!

LTtax™ was designed by payroll tax professionals whose guidance was sought to create and later to improve the system. These professionals put full control at the top of the list. Another high priority was the ability to customize many of the procedures and reports to adhere to their company’s requirements, i.e., updates to their A/P, G/L and other accounting requirement. They helped make the system a robust and comrehensive tax payment database.

Whenever you run a payroll on your source P/R system, LTtax is designed to accept a simple download of data. Whether you run an unscheduled payroll, an adjustment run, special stock option runs, or multiple payrolls a day, LTtax accepts and re-examines the data to insure that a proper DUE DATE is assigned to your withheld taxes. For instance, if you import Federal Withholding on Monday that is under $100K and Tuesday’s payroll import contains Federal 941 data that puts the 2-day total over $100K, the system will re-examine and re-assess the data and assign a next-business day due date.