LTtax software was launched in 1993 by June Taubman and Uri Lemberger whose firm specialized in creating solution databases for companies in the New York metropolitan area. Recognizing the need for an easy-to-use, compliance-made-easy system for tracking, paying and filing payroll withholding taxes, they met with payroll professionals around the country in an effort to create a comprehensive and intuitive system. High on the list of requested features was the ability to control the information in the database. Payroll professionals wanted to be in charge of their data and welcomed the flexibility that was built into the system.  "Payroll taxes are not an exact science" as one professional aptly phrased it.

Over the years the database has been enhanced mainly at the request of loyal clients who have played a major role in the success of the product. 

The new .NET version launched in 2016 provides more power, security and allows for future growth.

The main focus for LTtax has always been their customer service. All calls and emails received are given a level 1 priority. A member of the  LTtax support team will remain with each client until all  issues are resolved to complete satisfaction.

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