6 easy steps to implementing LTtax*NET!

Step 1.
Gather together information that is required by LTtax, such as FEINs, State IDs, Vendor Numbers, and G/L Account Numbers. Our trainers will assist you in populating your database. Any information that is available in spreadsheet format can be 'pasted' into LTtax. Set a date for an on-site visit from our trainer. This could be from 2-4 days depending upon the size and complexity of your corporate structure.

Step 2.
Together with your IT personnel, our support staff will walk you through the installation of the database, both front and back-end.

Step 3.
There are some functions that require either an import of data into LTtax or an export of data from LTtax. LTtax maintains a library of interface files from major payroll software packages and shares these programs free-of-charge.
Implement (or create) the withholding import. This program consolidates withholding taxes on a jurisdictional level each time you run a payroll.
Implement (or create) the quarterly unemployment wage and census file. Alternatively, you may import data by person and LTtax will consolidate the data on a state level.

Step 4.
On-site training will cover:

  1. Use of the system
  2. Testing of the imports
  3. Testing of exports (if applicable)
    - Prenote for NACHA
    - MWR
    - SUTA Wage Detail

Step 5.
Parallel testing can be as short as two weeks or as long as one full quarter. It's up to you.

Step 6.
Go 'live'!

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