Cost Savings In The Slowing Economy

The slowing economy is challenging businesses to reduce costs. At the APA Congress we discovered attendees eager to learn how LTtax streamlines payroll withholding and unemployment tax filing and the cost saving benefits of LTtax as compared to outsourcing.

Dozens of demos were given and prospective clients found LTtax intuitive and easy to navigate. In particular they liked the ease in which custom reports can be created without losing control or waiting for a request to be processed or denied by an outsource provider.

Many current LTtax clients attended the show and visited our booth offering stories of their success using our software. Subsequent to the APA Congress we've given additional live, online demos. Productive discussions have taken place to help prospective clients evaluate the benefits of LTtax.

As a small company we are fortunate to have many large, well-established employers as clients. This gives us the ability to provide personal service so lacking in today's marketplace.

Contact us now to find out how LTtax can help you with your payroll withholding and unemployment tax filing.

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