LTtax.NET - Coming Soon!

The first version of LTtax.NET is scheduled for release by the end of the 3rd quarter 2015. As with the move to SQL Server, we will migrate our clients to the new platform in conjuction with their schedule.

We have been developing, maintaining, and enhancing LTtax for almost 20 years! From the early DOS days to the Windows Graphic User Interface, to the SQL Server platform, the application has grown in scope and functionality.

It is our responsibility to evaluate the rapidly changing world of technology and to decide how best to employ this new technology to provide you, our users, with a more positive and feature-rich user experience. In analyzing the array of technical opportunities that are available, our first step is to develop a list of features that will enhance our current functionality.

This application utilizes the robust and latest Microsoft .NET/SQL Server platform technologies. Our goal is to make the application setup as ‘off the shelf’ as possible:

  • Rapid deployment without complex requirements
  • Optional and configurable modules
  • Open and extensible architecture
  • LTtax.NET is able to synchronize software updates, compliance/rules updates, and notifications
  • Community/Groups support as well as a Role and permissions based security model allow easy segmentation of rights and responsibilities.
  • Vibrant User and Support community via the LTtax Knowledge Base and User Forums
  • LTtax.NET Implementation and Deployment specialists work with you to model your business and your environment to our product; not the other way around

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