LTtax is a robust and comprehensive payroll withholding and tax tracking and payment software

LTtax® has been the choice Payroll Withholding and Unemployment Tax system serving nationwide corporations for 25 years.

Designed by payroll tax professionals, LTtax provides full control to users along with the ability to customize procedures and reports. Over time, we have incorporated features requested by our users, features that relate to A/P, G/L or any other process relating to payroll withholding and unemployment taxes.

Whenever you run a payroll on your source P/R system, LTtax is designed to accept the withholding data. Whether you run an unscheduled payroll, an adjustment run, special stock option runs, or multiple payrolls a day, LTtax handles everything. It accepts the data, creates tax payments to the proper taxing authorities, prepares them on the correct due date and provides your payroll tax staff with a wide variety of reports & PDFs.

LTtax specializes in supporting companies with multiple FEINs, residing in multiple states and localities. We eliminate redundant tasks and keep you in compliance.

No matter how large you grow, the system grows with you at no extra cost. We applaud your growth!

When you call the LTtax hotline, you will be speaking to a knowledgeable tax software expert who will answer your questions and assist you right away. There are no automated phone menus and no frustrating service levels. Every client is our top priority. Our relationship with our clients is unmatched in the industry.

Experience the difference with LTtax

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