Step 1. Your payroll staff will gather information that is required by LTtax®, such as FEINs, State IDs, Vendor Numbers, and G/L Account Numbers. We will distribute a spreadsheet for the required information. Our trainer will ‘paste’ this information into the LTtax tables offsite. Data by person is not included in this spreadsheet.

Step 2. Together with your IT personnel, our support staff will walk you through the installation of the database, both front and back-end.

Step 3. At the time you are gathering information and your technical staff is preparing for the installation, work can begin on creating the import files to bring data into LTtax each time you run a payroll on your source payroll system. LTtax maintains a library of interface files from major payroll software packages and shares these programs free-of-charge.

Step 4. On-site training on your data will cover:

1. Use of the system
2. Testing of the imports
3. Testing of exports to AP/GL or any other system (if applicable)
– Prenote for NACHA
– SUTA Wage Detail

Step 5. Parallel testing can be as short as two weeks or as long as one full quarter.

Step 6. Complete control, compliance and cost savings with LTtax!