LTtax™ – The Payroll Withholding & Unemployment Tax System is in-house intranet browser-based software that tracks the payments of payroll withholding and unemployment tax liabilities for your federal, state, and local jurisdictions. The system provides you with control over jurisdictions, rates, filing frequencies, due dates, and many more variables, which are a daily part of your payroll tax process - compliance made easy!

LTtax is designed to receive data from any source payroll system. Unscheduled payrolls and adjustments are easily handled. The system contains a large variety of reports and signature-ready forms. Payments can be made via NACHA, check and feeds to your accounts payable, general ledger or other financial systems. Signature-ready IRS-approved Federal Schedules 941, 941X, 940, 945, 945X and 1042, state and local generic withholding recaps and SUTA electronic filing are available.

The LTtax Main Menu provides access to all the processes in the system. Every option is at your fingertips. Having a central, organized database for your payroll withholding and unemployment taxes, helps make your professional life easier. "I don't know what I would have done the last seven years without LTtax," said the tax manager at one large financial services company.

If you are currently processing your taxes manually, outsourcing, or using other software, you owe it to yourself to look at a better way to handle this function. Don't be burdened with keying into spreadsheets, don't be subservient to 3rd party deadline demands, and don't be tied down to software that rules you.  LTtax is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain. It is a compliance tool that will assist you in processing your taxes the way you want to process them.

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